In agreement with Dorsey’s piece COMMUNITY, ABLAZE is a recognition of political strife and controversy as it relates to human beings. This image is also a direct moment captured during the Chicago BLM protests and riots of 2020, and is an acute symbol of the passion and anger that fueled the protests. This photograph prominently exhibits the depths of human emotion in times of conflict, and how fire can serve as an element of rebirth through destruction.

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    “My name is Jason Dorsey and I’m a documentary photographer based in Chicago, IL. Striving to produce meaningful imagery, I set out on a daily mission to exercise my creativity and push my camera’s capabilities. My work explores and examines the intersections of human behavior in a rapidly-evolving environment. I capture my subjects in a vibrantly detailed manner that will evoke curiosity and promote awareness.

    My career as a photographer began while serving in the U.S Military, where I was a combat photographer for a period of six years. Ultimately, I was thrust into a combative role in the war-torn country of Afghanistan, where I was challenged to capture strategic moments that would serve as historical documentation for the Department of Defense. Upon my honorable release in 2016, I continued my journey as a photographer and began building my portfolio.

    In 2018, I began working on my long-term personal project ‘Alkebulan Shadows’, an ongoing series of portraits of indigenous Africans that highlights their physical image in a more dignified manner, thus restructuring the way the world imagines Africans in a post colonial era.”

    ​ – Jason Dorsey